Focus: physical expression through creative movement, ballet, Chinese dance, mask, and clown.

voice & Gesture

This workshop is an introduction into how to  strengthen, free and develop the natural range of the voice with the support of the body and to develop a precise technique for movement in a theatrical context. We will develop through special voice and body training five different voice textures. There will be specific exercises designed for breath control, ear training and the spoken word, with emphasis on the theatrical use of the voice in "physical theatre". Singing will also be part of the work in this class, including looking at vocal techniques from other cultures. Body training includes the choreography of the actor through the research of gesture.

dance explorations: ballet for actors 

This class is an exploration of the human body through the movements, posture, control and grace of ballet. The first half of class will include novice-level barre and floor work, while the second half will be devoted to creating performative silent improv scenes based on ballet moves.